Sunday, November 29, 2009


I got word that this young male Akbash was in a shelter in West Virginia needing rescue
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                                                         His owner had reported him missing but when animal control found him and brought him to the shelter, no one came to get him. His owner had moved out of state and Thor needed a new home soon!
  As it happened I had an application for a rescue Akbash, from someone in another state. When contacted about Thor, it seemed a long way to go but.....Their previous male Akbash that had passed was also named Thor and looked very similar! It appeared to be a match made in Heaven and they drove a very long distance indeed to bring Thor home. I was trying to arrange volunteer rescue transport but his size was definitely an issue. We decided the safest and best thing to do would be for these experienced Akbash handlers to go get him themselves.
   They are all busy getting acquainted and introducing him to farm life. He is reportedly a very friendly and very large guy!

    I checked in to see how Thor was doing and was told they really liked him but sadly were deciding he would be better as a companion dog. He was too stimulated by all the other animals he now had around him. He had lived inside in a small one room place and his previous owner I don't think had done much in the way of socializing and training him. His size and chase behavior was too much for the new owners to handle. We decided he needed to be rehomed as a companion dog living inside the house with an owner that could work with him to improve his leash skills.
    I contacted the great rescue group Big Dogs Huge Paws to see if they would take Thor into their rescue program. I knew they could quickly find him a good home. They agreed!
     An Akbash Dogs International member, that has three working Akbash, offered to pick him up and foster him for a couple weeks. She is always willing to help the dogs! She would then take him to a pick up point for Big Dogs. She found him to be a wonderful dog and said he would make a great companion dog.
    Here he is having arrived at Big Dogs...they were all impressed with this big handsome guy! He is now in foster care awaiting his permanent home.

Look where his head comes to on the woman standing behind him...yes he is a large fellow!

And gorgeous!!!

Just found this on Big Dogs Huge Paws website (the rescue group that took Thor) seems he has found his forever home!!!!

Thor the Akbash is now happily in his forever home with Thomas & Cate in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They recently lost their German Shepherd and the house has been very lonely without a dog around! Thomas grew up with Akbashes previously and is experienced with the breed. Thor is thrilled to have a family of his very own and will make a wonderful guardian and protector for his new mom while her husband is deployed in the military. He is also pretty excited that she is home during the day to keep him company. THANK YOU, DOUG, RUSTY & SHANNON, FOR FOSTERING THIS STUD MUFFIN!

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