Monday, December 5, 2011

Pirate-we miss you!


           Pirate was one of the first dogs I found a home for after just starting rescue a few years ago. I remember the day. I found her beautiful picture on Petfinder and called the shelter right away! They had just listed this beautiful girl in the Akbash section and were very happy to have rescue call to help find a good home. I remember searching the membership lists of the Akbash club and finding a member that lived relatively near the shelter.

             She drove right to see this lovely girl,  her Akbash had recently passed away she was ready for a new pal. Pirate hopped right in her car! Having had a previous owner that was none to kind....Pirate blossomed under the loving care of her new owners.

         Pirate settled in to the comforts of home!
Here is Pirate settling in and claiming a quilt her owner had just made! Oh she is sooo lovely in pink!

    Pirate's new mom does a lot of kitten fostering so Pirate had to learn how to be gentle with the kitties.

She obviously learned!

 Pirate enjoys her comfy dog bed....
 She accompanies her owner all over the place.....even takes her own pack....

  Sadly I just received the note below from Pirate's person.....

So sick and still amazingly beautiful. Pirate died this morning.
We found out she had throat and stomach cancer on Tuesday.
Last night she was having such a difficult time breathing we took her the Emergency vet this morning.
She was lovingly put to sleep and is now in no pain.
Thank you Janet for giving her to me 2 years, 6 months ago.
Katrina Phipps

                                                  Katrina's Pirate approx 2005?-2011

Sweet Pirate passed too young of cancer last week. She is missed by all those who knew her! Also by some who only knew her in picture's, like me!

So glad this sweet girl had landed in her loving home!

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