Thursday, July 8, 2010


My name is Dakota and my Dad had to go off to the war! I am such a sweet and pretty girl and without a home now!!! Please click the read more link below to hear my harrowing story and see how I ended up homeless!

I got an e-mail one day from someone that had spotted this lovely white dog in a Tenn shelter, and thought she looked like an Akbash. I called to check on her and was told her owner had brought her in because he had been deployed to the Middle East. He thought hopefully that she may find a good home from the shelter. He filled out her paperwork: she was a three year old spayed female "Pyrenees Shepherd cross" he had gotten as a puppy from a Ranch litter.
   She "loves kids" he wrote, and "needs room to run".  Perhaps thinking hopefully....she would find a nice family to adopt her...a nice family with a big yard.

When I call a shelter to "check" on a dog I am trying to find out information such as 1. How much time does the dog have? Is there a time deadline I have to work with (before the dog is in danger of euthanasia). 2. does the shelter have a good adoption rate, and can they do any screening to make sure the dog does not end up in bad hands. 3. How is the dog doing, how is the dog's mood and health.

Sometimes, as was the case with this shelter, I can not find anyone to talk to that had actually even seen the dog. This was clearly a very overcrowded shelter. In addition, because of the current economic climate and the recent floods in Tenn, the prospect of all these dogs getting adopted was dismal. I decided I had better get Dakota out quickly. I searched around for foster but most foster people need to know something about the dog including how are they with other dogs? I had no idea since I could not find anyone that was handling her!
I found a nearby veterinary hospital and decided to get her there for boarding while I figured out what to do! This turned out to be a lifesaving decision! Dakota ended up getting Kennel Cough. A dog cold which is common in shelters and boarding kennels. Often mild it can sometimes turn into a more serious upper respiratory infection. I got a call from the veterinary hospital that Dakota's Kennel Cough had turned serious and she had a 104 temperature.... was listless, congested and not eating....this poor girl got down to 36 lbs! Often referred to as a dog flu, I heard some dogs in the south had passed away from it, this year. 
The veterinarian asked permission to start lifesaving IV fluids and antibiotics. Despite the great expense I of course said yes. No way could I give up on a dog once I had begun to try and help her! 
Some people may think taking a dog to a shelter is a way to find them a home when in reality they may just become sick depressed and die.
To add to this poor girls problems she got very stressed out during bad thunderstorms. Sad, stressed and depressed her whole world was upside down since being taken to the shelter. She had tried to escape her kennel run at the vet hospital one lonely night. She injured a paw overnight. It seemed things could not get any worse for this girl!

Over the weekend the vets called me a few times to let me know how she was doing, by Monday she was improving and her temp was headed back down! 
Dakota was such a sweet and compliant girl and just wanted to do whatever was asked of her. The people that worked in the office began to let her lay up front with them during the day. She slept quietly, happy to be with someone. 
One of the women that worked in the office brought her kids to work one day and it was true......Dakota loves kids...they said she really perked up!
Another woman that worked at the veterinary office told me she loved Dakota and were it not for all her other dogs she would take her......she decided to start taking Dakota home to her house at night to let Dakota have a break from the vet office. "Where did she sleep"? I asked...."On my bed" she laughed! Dakota followed her around and lay at her feet when she sat in a chair. She made me promise to please find this lovely girl a good home!

First I found a wonderful foster mom for Dakota! Dakota went to her foster home in Tenn via volunteer rescue transport. In her foster home she is gaining her weight back and resting in a peaceful happy setting. 

Foster mom reports Dakota enjoys following them around the farm, playing with the other dogs and even playing ball. Looks like this happy girl has her happy back!

Dakota awaits the final step, a new wonderful home of her own!

She has one! Dakota has gone to a new home and is settling in nicely. She had a vet check up and has gained twenty pounds and EVERYONE loves her says her new owner!

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