Monday, November 15, 2010

Joshua and new rescued pal Bella!

Who is this magnificent fellow you might be thinking!?! This is Joshua. 

   Joshua came to my attention, he was listed in the Akbash section and not far from me. He was going to be rehommed as a companion dog because he had a habit of chasing farm animals (not uncommon). Joshua loved people and was very dog friendly.

   I called to inquire about Joshua and the stars aligned perfectly! I had just received a call from a couple that had recently lost their beloved Akbash Guy! His rescue story is elsewhere on this website in the section titled "In Memoriam".

   As I was on the phone with them I got another call from Joshua's owner. In short order a match was made! I had the added pleasure of a visit from this delightful couple to learn about their treasured Akbash rescue, Guy, and see his pictures.
   They were able to go see Joshua and decided to adopt him!

Soon I received this beautiful picture of Joshua in his new home!

Then I was delighted to learn that these intrepid rescuers added a gorgeous new gal to their family, yes Joshus now had a fantastic gal pal named Bella!



Here is Joshua getting acquainted with his beautiful new yard...hmmm looks like he has found a truly wonderful home!!!

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Unknown said...

What a happy home!!! I would love to be adopted by you too!!! Love your yard I would love to have a yard like that but have no idea where to begin. Very lucky Pups!!!!!