Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Marcus the mystery dog!-ADOPTED!


        This gorgeous young male Akbash dog was abandoned in the parking lot of a veterinary office, with a female herding dog and their three puppies in Winters CA. They were taken to the Yolo county animal shelter. This Daddy Akbash was rescued into foster care and now is in urgent need of a new foster home or permanent home!

        When "Marcus" (his fabulous foster mom named him), came to his foster home he would not walk! We thought possibly he was injured in some way. He had to be carried outside to potty! Marcus just wanted to lay quietly in the garage....he even crawled to his food bowl to eat!
          We thought it might be emotional, yet his temperament said otherwise. Marcus was extremely friendly to all, he especially lit up when the daughter came to see him. He wagged his tail and did not seem upset or shy, he just did not want to walk or be outside! At the shelter they said he had just lay quietly in his kennel run the week he was there also.

          We sent Marcus to the vet and he had a full work up. He was pronounced healthy and he was neutered. He is heartworm negative and has had all his shots. Marcus is  a year and a half to two years old.
          What was wrong with Marcus and also why does he have only one ear!?!

Marcus has one ear that has been cleanly cut off! That cannot change the fact that this is one gorgeous Akbash dog! What would he tell us about how that came to be.......?


Now what am I doing in this silly hat!?! Everyone at the vet fell in love with Marcus and he was completely compliant....

Marcus was taken back to the vet to have another thorough check up,  it was just emotional,  there is nothing physically wrong with him!
   The next day Marcus started to show his emerging happy side! Well fed and cared for, now he is feeling good. He is no longer content to hang out in the garage.....he wants to get out and about and is showing that he is a normal young dog.
    The foster person's resident Akbash dog is non too happy about the addition, and Marcus is nervous about too much other dog contact. Perhaps he was picked on by other dogs in his previous life and that is how he lost an ear? He needs to be around gentle dogs that will not bombard him until he gets used to them.
     This fellow has been through a lot. We can tell he will make a wonderful dog for someone as even through all of this he is kind and gentle.

     Please help Marcus find a new foster or permanent home. He is near the Sacramento area in California!

Here is Marcus in the shelter before his bath! Easy to tell what a beautiful dog he is!


David Baker said...

--- Janet-- It's been awhile since we've spoken. I'm still not prepared to accept an akbash yet but if I were Marcus would be the one. He like me has been down some hard roads -- you can see from the photo's alone that this dog would be forever gratefull and an exceptional companion. I really wish I could come get him right now but I still have 4 years to retirement and I simply cant leave him locked up all day. still............ --thank you for all you do David Baker Cumberland R.I.

John said...

Is Marcus still available? We live on several acres and have a few animals - a horse, goat, chickens and ducks, and cats. We also have another dog, but he gets along well with other animals. Does this sound like a situation that Marcus might do well with?

straughie said...

Hi John,
Marcus is most likely adopted and I hope to be updating his story soon with a report of his successful adoption!
Send me an e-mail at straughie@comcast.net and let me know where you live as there may be another dog that could be a match for you..
Thanks! Janet

KLarsen said...

Wow - amazing story!
Glad to hear he has been adopted!
I to rescued my Akbash Yota from Winters, Ca. A 3 month old puppy was chained to the fence with 0 water or food in the middle of summer. It was a horrible sight, so we knocked on the door and the man said he could not train the dog and that he was not trainable and to please take him. So we did just that, I knew the instant I looked into this dogs eyes that he had so much potential. And 4 years later we are looking for our 2nd Akbash to add to the family because we couldnt imagine owning any other breed. This is how I came across your website, and was excited you do adoptions locally.

straughie said...

Hi, I am glad you found the puppy before something happened to him!

Imagine saying a three month old pup is not trainable!?!

You can e-mail me at straughie@comcast.net and I can send you an adoption application if you want. That is how I keep organized about contacts and making matches....