Monday, February 3, 2020

Gracie ADOPTED! Feb-2020

Gracie is officially adopted by her foster people and living the dream in Colorado!

Friday, August 9, 2019

GRACIE-For adoption. Currently in Colorado

   Gracie is a ten month old Akbash dog rescued from Texas and available for adoption through Summit dog rescue in Colorado.
     If you are interested in Gracie, please contact summit dog rescue at
Or contact Janet Davis with Akbash Dog Rescue, Inc. at e-mail or call 510 523-6161.
     Gracie is a sweet and shy gal, up to date on vaccinations, spayed and microchipped.

      She is being fostered in Boulder Colorado in a companion dog home, and is keeping the yard free of squirrels!
      Gracie really likes other dogs, and cats, and sleeping the day away on the soft furniture in the house. This gal would make a great companion dog for someone with a nice big yard, a quiet environment, and a nice loving home!
     Gracie is a really special sweet girl and deserves a wonderful forever home!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Biggs Adopted! April 2019

    Meet Biggs! He is a big ole sweet Texas boy in need of some real help! He is down on his luck in a Boarding facility in Texas! He is in urgent need of foster or an adoptive forever home!
   Akbash rescue will help get him transported out of state for a foster or adoptive home!

   This loyal boy was rescued from a Texas shelter and fostered out in Texas. His foster wanted to keep this tremendous boy and did so for a number of years. Having fallen on hard times Biggs needs a new home. He has fallen on hard times just like the humans around him, so vulnerable to the ups and downs of life....

    Thank you to Marc of pet photography in Dallas Texas who volunteered to go photograph Biggs in boarding!

    Akbash Rescue has known Biggs a long time and has all his vet records. He is healthy and up to date on all his shots and a neutered seven year old male. He is quite healthy and active and has been on acreage guarding horses, chickens, and his foster mom and her property.

    He is a sweet boy who likes to guard his property and also needs some tender loving care! He deserves a great home with forever humans that appreciate him!

    Please contact Akbash Dog Rescue, INC. Director Janet Davis 510 523-6161

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Akbash pups from Texas-FOR ADOPTION-August 2018-ADOPTED!!!

    These four male Akbash puppies ended up in a shelter in Texas! They were a ranch litter born to working livestock guardian parents. Far to often the unfixed working dogs breed constantly and there is no proper plan in place for placing the puppies in good homes. They ended up locked in a too hot barn in the Texas summer heat, and ill cared for. The rancher called animal control to come take just the males!

   Here they are in a Texas shelter that had no knowledge of Akbash dogs! A good friend and foster with Akbash Rescue found out about them and we worked to get them out to rescue. The shelter does free adoption events with no screening whatsoever of adopters. Not a good plan for an Akbash puppy!

   For a successful adoption, meaning for the life of the dog, good placement is key. Akbash rescue works with potential adopters to determine if this is the right breed for the environment and dog skill level of the potential adopter. All adopters will speak to Akbash Rescue, fill out an adoption application, and have a home check. Unfortunately most shelters cannot do this level of screening so direct from shelter adoptions of Akbash dogs are often unsuccessful. This is a breed that needs proper placement for sure!

 Lucky for these pups they ended up in rescue!

Akbash Rescues friend and representative in Nebraska found excellent foster in Texas!
  Due to vaccination requirements the pups needed local temporary foster before they could travel to their foster home in Colorado.

   Then our intrepid rescue pal, got the puppies a ride to Colorado via "Pilots N Paws"! An organization that pairs volunteer pilots with rescues to transport dogs around the US.

Huge Thank You to everyone that helped these pups! From the shelter workers, to the Texas foster, to the Pilot and the Akbash Rescue pal that arranged it all! These rescues require so much help and effort and money from many many people!

   Here are the pups safely arrived at their beautiful foster home in Colorado! Thank you thank you to their Colorado fosters! They are long time Akbash owners and fans!

   Our good friends at Colorado's Summit Dog Rescue even arranged for a volunteer professional photographer to come take photos of the puppies!



Here are the four pups ....below is Bear

Then Huggie....


and Sparky....

If you are interested in adopting one of boys in this Turkish gang please contact Akbash Dog Rescue, Inc at e-mail address or phone number 510 523-6161 (California time). Thank you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016



         This sweet young dog came in as a stray to a very overcrowded high kill shelter in Los Angeles California. She has been the victim of a botched home ear cropping job!!! Someone cut her ears off! At home with no proper anethesia and follow up veterinary care!
         She came to my attention as the shelter listed her as an Akbash mix, so shelter volunteers contacted me to get her out of the shelter and take her into Akbash rescue. The shelter falsely aged her at five years old.
         I sent her picture around, and we got some video which showed her to be a very young dog approximately 7-8 months old! She is also most likely a Ovcharka shepherd dog, and Armenian Gampr dog. These dogs are very similar to Akbash dogs, but more often companion dogs whose ears are often cropped at 3-5 days old. Hers were cropped at her current age, in an awful painful manner, a botched home job! She had little to no chance of a proper adoption from the shelter she was in, which does no screening at all. She was in real danger so a plan was formed to save sweet Misha!
 After recovering on a medical hold for a week, she was ready to play with anyone that walked by her kennel run at the shelter! Misha quickly became a shelter favorite, with her sweet temperament and her very bad history! Myself and a couple volunteers formed a plan to rescue her. She is currently out of the shelter and safe in boarding. However, her medical care and boarding costs are quickly mounting! Please help us rescue Misha and care for her until a suitable forever home is found! You can help with Misha's rescue by donating to Akbash Dog Rescue, Inc. which is a 501c3 rescue organization so donations are 100% tax deductible. There is a paypal donation button to the right or contact me for other ways to donate (Janet Davis National Director at e-mail or 510 410-0149).
Here is our sweet girl all happy awaiting her forever home or foster. She is currently still in boarding awaiting a caring foster home!

Monday, February 15, 2016


Washaw is a young, 18 month old, purebred Akbash dog. He is in Virginia awaiting his forever home! He was placed unattended with livestock too young and was not good with the goats. This is a common problem for the working livestock guardian dogs! They are meant to have much oversight and training the first couple years. Older experienced dogs with them to teach them how to behave around livestock, and human shepherds.

  Washaw is a really great dog, good with other dogs and people. He needs some acreage to guard and a great committed owner. He will mature into a fine guardian given a patient kind owner. Akbash dogs are extremely intelligent and sensitive. If you are interested in this fine handsome fellow, please contact Akbash Dog Rescue, Inc. National Director Janet Davis. E-mail is and or phone 510 410-0149 (Pacific standard time).

  Please think about geographic location before inquiring, I do not fly adult Akbash dogs, it is to stressful and difficult to arrange, so anyone adopting needs to arrange transport, ground transport. Washaw is in Virginia.

   Washaw is neutered and up to date on shots.

Thursday, August 20, 2015



     This gorgeous one and a half year old male Akbash dog is residing in Oregon. He needs a foster or adoptive home soon! His current owners found him listed on Craig's list as a puppy and thought he was a labrador! Bo is no Labrador!

     Bo is a typical young Akbash dog, very protective of the family and territorial. He is on six acres in the country but is too protective for the family. They wanted an easy going dog like a lab and were unprepared for the territorial nature of the Akbash dog.

    Bo is well mannered at the boarding kennel and a big favorite with all the employes. He is a large powerful dog and needs some acreage with a dog owner familiar with the unique characteristics of livestock guardian dogs, or willing to learn. He needs a well fenced acreage.

   Bo has never been around livestock, he is great with the immediate family. He has a number of dog friends too!

What a magnificent fellow!

silly fellow playing with a nerd dart!

  If you are interested in fostering Bo or providing him with a forever home please contact Akbash Dog Rescue, inc Director Janet Davis at e-mail or phone 510 523-6161

  Bo is neutered up to date on shots and is well cared for and healthy!