Saturday, October 17, 2009


One day I saw this sad looking guy on Petfinder! The description was of an Akbash Pyrenees cross.  I watched him on Petfinder to make sure someone adopted him!  He was in the midwest at an equine sanctuary. "Timber" ended up in rescue after his mother was shot by their owner...
      one day I saw an "adoption Pending" next to his name. I always wondered what happened to Timber. Recently I was looking around the internet when I spotted a website for a really good-looking guy named Jackson. Jackson was a big Pyr/Akbash cross and had his own website and blog!!! There were pictures of him with his new family hiking and playing in the snow....I thought  that looks like Timber? I e-mailed Jacksons' person and found out it was indeed the former "Timber"!!! Adopted and now enjoying a fabulous life and renamed Jackson. Check out Jackson on his fabulous website

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