Sunday, February 28, 2010


This beautiful young female Akbash showed up on a farm in the mid-west. She had no ID and an owner was searched for far and wide but no one claimed her.
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  She cavorted around the farm leading the resident dogs playfully away on wandering sessions. They owners of the farm found her difficult to contain or leash up and she would not cooperate with a vet visit. This wild child, she was only about 10 months old, loved her freedom so I named her Sky. I searched for a home for her with some land but nothing materialized. Time went on and everyone became worried her wandering would endanger her and the other dogs that followed her.
   There was one person that all along wanted Sky. She already had three female dogs and lived in the suburbs. I was worried Sky would not acclimate to life in a house and there would be problems with four female dogs. Sky's adopter agreed to drive a long distance to get her and provide any vet care she needed. Oh no sky arrived with many ticks!
   Not particularly fond of ticks, but a  calm patient person with great humor... she just handled it for Sky's sake!
     Sky actually did remarkably well! All the other dogs took her under their wing and taught her the way living in a house works, and when and how to go out in the yard to potty! Very young and playful Sky now had constant company. She took to walking on a leash just fine and enjoyed her walks. Sky is reportedly doing great and well cared for in her new home!

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