Sunday, November 29, 2009

Noah and Poppy-adopted

This young pair of long-coated Akbash were turned into a very crowded shelter in the south

An e-mail with their picture began to circulate around the rescue network. People from various rescue groups sent it around hoping someone would take up their case!

                                        Noah was reportedly quite nervous and shy at the shelter.

                                    Poppy was doing better given her outgoing personality. 
   I sent a potential adopter their way but it did not work out. Eventually Poppy was adopted  but ran away and was lost. Meanwhile Noah became despondent about being alone and in the shelter. Noah was deemed unadoptable and was going to be euthanized. I got him out into a boarding kennel where they gave him much special attention  and even cooked for him. He began to relax and eat for the first time in weeks.
   I spent a week on the phone and computer and finally found Poppy! She had been running around the Ozarks! They were reunited and put into foster care. Upon arrival it was reported they were pathetically thin and had lost much of their hair due to the stress. Having never been with livestock, their foster mom acquainted them with her alpaca. They began to take to their new guardian duty and even worked out shifts. They would take turns and respond to each others alert barks and became a great team. Taking time out to romp and play and enjoy their growing health and happiness!
   Their foster mom became so fond of this pair they will remain with her. They get along with her other Akbash dog as well. From such a low point, these two have made a wonderful comeback...

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jayd said...

I realize this was posted years ago, but it's such a heart warming story! Thank you for your rescue work with Akbash's! I've had herding dogs or herding dog mixes my entire life, and worked a bit with LGD when rescuing abandoned dogs myself.
Anyway, thank you!