Thursday, July 30, 2009

Donations for Akbash rescue


  The Akbash rescue fund is a small fund. We need donations. The rescue fund allows Akbash dogs to be saved in a direct way. If an Akbash dog is in a shelter and at risk of euthanasia, having money in the rescue fund means we can get the dog out of the shelter into boarding while a foster or permanent home is found.
  Veterinary bills are always a part of rescue work, and may be incurred in some cases.
   Being able to contribute to the expense of foster care, makes more people likely to volunteer for this crucial role in rescue.
   Akbash rescue is an all volunteer effort. No one involved in Akbash rescue ever recieves a salary or any form of financial compensation. 100% of your donation goes right to the work of saving Akbash dogs with no administrative costs at all.
   For information on how to donate e-mail Janet Davis or call 510 523-6161
Thank you!


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