Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oso- adopted!

Oso is a gorgeous one year old male Akbash dog. He was turned into a small shelter in Colusa, CA. Click the "read more" link below to read Oso's story!
     I got an e-mail one day from Great Pyrenees rescue that there was a young male Akbash dog at a very small shelter. This Pyrenees rescue was too full to take him but agreed to list him on their website with myself as the contact. He was adopted but returned within a few weeks because the resident male Jack Russell Terrier was not pleased with this addition to the family!
     His adopter had gotten him neutered and all his shots. That was very helpful as I started to work on him once again. They had also taken a video which showed how friendly he was. I had saved an e-mail list of about fifty California rescue groups and decided to send this video around in hopes it would lead to a foster home for Oso. About ten minutes after sending the mass e-mail I got a call from a woman in San Francisco that ran a local rescue group. She offered to foster Oso and thought she may even have an adopter. I could not believe my luck and prepared to go pick him up and take him to S.F.
   When I arrived on the side street looking for the shelter I saw what I figured must be him.

   The nice women running the shelter told me they had given him the big outdoor pen. When I called his name from the road he waved his tail back and forth slowly and then turned his gaze toward the office, as if checking with the people working there. The day I arrived they had a kennel worker not show so they were short staffed and very busy. However, they asked me to please let them know when Oso found a good home!

    Oso was a busy guy in the back of my car, here is a water bottle I gave him to try and keep him busy!

This gorgeous fellow was attracting much attention on the streets of San Francisco as I spent time walking him around. In fact a policeman pulled over to let me know Oso was the most beautiful dog he had ever seen! He had just lost his big dog due to old age and could not resist a visit with Oso!

  Tennis courts made a nice contained place for me to catch my breath after trying to hang onto this exuberant young dog. It was obvious he had not been leash trained! I quickly realized he would be much better suited to some acreage in the county.
  As I stood there wondering how I would find a suitable adopter, my phone rang. It was a woman from Oregon that had a country home and was interested in Oso! As we talked I began to be very excited as I could see a great match forming here!

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Unknown said...

I have a herd of about 80 goats and I am looking for an akbash. I just lost my dog to a cancer of the leg. Do you have any young dogs raised with goats?