Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bear goes to foster!

After getting Bear out of the awful overcrowded shelter, in an industrial area, we headed to his foster home. The scenery began to change and I thought to myself it was going to be like dropping him off in heaven!
Click the "read more" link below to see Bear's foster home....

  Bear had had a vet exam back in town near the shelter, and though 25 lbs underweight, he appeared to not have any serious health issues and was only approximately a year and a half old.
           Things were looking up for "Bear", as I took to calling him. He was a perfect gentleman at the vet and was riding well in the car. Sometimes the dog may have never been inside a veterinary office or ridden in a car much. Bear seemed comfortable doing both.
           Bear, George and I had introductions all around and we walked around and decided where to put Bear for the night.
 There was a kennel run and dog bed all set up and we decided that would be the safest place to keep Bear. We had no idea if he was a digger or a fence jumper or a climber. Mr. Bear's view has really improved dramatically I thought to myself, looking around the beautiful peaceful scenery!


Kristina Van Winkle said...

This is a fantastic article reflecting my dad and the relationship he has with his dogs.

straughie said...

I am so glad you saw it! janet