Friday, January 15, 2010

Maya has a new home!

          Maya looks happy after her long ordeal! She came to my attention after she was thankfully spotted as the subject of a frantic post to a yahoo group. Seems her primary caretaker had passed away and his spouse could not care for Maya any longer.
           I began to communicate via e-mail with the very disabled woman that needed help, since her husband had passed. They had a number of animals that she was needing to place quickly. I had no picture of Maya and only a history I was able to piece together with a little research. Maya was adopted out from an Akbash rescue foster person a few years ago. She became a goat guardian, she however had other ideas and did not care to stay with the goats. A friend of the goat herder decided to then keep Maya. She remained with that owner until his recent passing.
           Still no picture of Maya and the e-mails becoming more frantic that I do something, I sent animal control to their place in the country. They brought Maya to a shelter and gave me the bad news that she was heartworm positive! The county where she lived had some of the highest rates in the state. Even though I did not know what to do now, I knew I would find a way to treat her. The shelter said they euthanize the heartworm positive dogs!
           Here is the first picture I received of Maya! I thought to myself she is orange!?! I knew the area where she lived had reddish dirt so I thought maybe........
sure enough after a bath she was white, and so lovely!!!

       As I began to work on what to do next, the shelter staff let me know how wonderful she was. She was a sweet mellow girl that did not trouble anyone. She quickly became a favorite. Good thing for her, she appeared to have a large measure of Great Pyrenees to go along with some Akbash. I was able to get help for her from Pyrenees rescue. She was treated for her heartworm and cared for during her treatment by the very dedicated Pyrenees volunteers. She had a long wait for a new home during her two month treatment but is finally with her new family!

Seeing these pictures of her looking so happy and healthy are what motivates everyone to do rescue work!

Maya has two new dog friends in her new home including this happy golden Retriever to play with.

Maya has some kitty pals also in her new home as well as a much appreciated soft bed!

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