Sunday, November 29, 2009


This handsome Akbash dog named Truman, was abandoned as a puppy, in the Uinta mountains in Utah.
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   The Uinta mountains are in Northeastern Utah and people use Akbash dogs as working Livestock Guardian dogs to guard sheep there. Unfortunately they do not spay/neuter believing that would diminish the dogs guarding abilities. This is not true, in fact unneutered males are more likely to leave the sheep and roam and pregnant females leave the sheep to have the puppies. Often their mate leaves the sheep as well.
   Whole litters of Akbash puppies are taken to shelters or worse just abandoned in this mountain range. Truman was a puppy from one of these litters. Thankfully a rescue group saved and adopted out his litter.
Truman's family adopted him not knowing he was an Akbash dog but knowing they sure got a cute puppy!

They certainly could tell pretty quickly that they had a very large puppy...

Truman grew into a very large Akbash dog and one day someone asked them where they got their big Akbash dog? This prompted some research and they were surprised to learn what kind of dog they had! He was a very unusual dog, unlike any they had ever they knew why.

Truman has had some health challenges which large breeds can have. However, he was lucky to land

in the living room of this devoted family!

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