Saturday, March 20, 2010

puppies (Bahtiyar and Binbasi (now Lars)-adopted!

This litter of Akbash Maremma puppies ended up in rescue. The rancher had a litter the year before from the same pair, half of that previous litter ended up in rescue as well. He promised to get the female spayed if rescue would take care of this litter as well. Unsocialized, he was having trouble catching the mother.
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  I found foster for two of the pups and Anatolian Shepherd Rescue took three.
The foster mom took two brothers and gave them the proper Turkish names "Bahtiyar" and "Binbasi".




  The boys foster mom was seeing two distinct personalities develop. Binbasi was  eager to be with people while Bahtiyar was more interested in the resident working Akbash, a female named Yasmin. Binbasi was more active and came immediately when called, whereas Bahtiyar was more pensive and observant. Subsequent temperament tests confirmed this and we decided Binbasi would be better suited to a companion home with lots of activity and people around.
   Binbasi was adopted out and we soon received these pictures of his first week in his new home.

Binbasi meeting the resident dogs

and cat! Binbasi has plenty of growing to do!
         While undoubtedly the two brothers missed each other, it all turned out very well for both! Binbasi obviously had plenty to keep him busy as he grew accustomed to his new family.

        Now named Lars, this pup has grown up and is obviously enjoying his wonderful home.

Lars tries to be a lap dog for a visiting relative!

Lars snuggles with the kitty on a cold day!

Here is Lars in a lovely black and white photo, striking a regal pose!

I think he can be called Lucky Lars!

     Meanwhile the foster decided to keep Bahtiyar!

Bahtiyar's foster is an experienced Livestock Guardian Dog owner with one retired Akbash dog, a female named Melek

and a younger female named Yasmin.
    Yasmin decided to take the young pup under her wing and the two became great friends. Bahtiyar
 would get to stay in his lovely home with his buddy Yasmin. His foster mom said he and Yasmin were doing very well... "they spend all day together in the pasture and sleep together at night". She declared Bahtiyar "madly in love" with Yasmin and said Yasmin was "as happy as she had ever seen her!

AWWWW! Here is Bahtiyar after a muddy romp in the pasture with Yasmin!

Bahtiyar gets on great with the other resident critters....

  Looks like all turned out great for these two!

Here is a lovely photo of Bahtiyar all grown up. He is an excellent working dog!

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