Thursday, March 25, 2010


Guy lounging comfortably on his the read more link below to hear how Guy was found by a couple that transformed him into this gorgeous dog!
   One day a couple found a starving dog tied in front of a restaurant, and after learning he had been there all day, decided to take him home. Emaciated and weak, they had to carry him to their car to get him home. Once they got him home they saw that he had tiny bugs crawling on him and he was just in really bad shape. It was after hours so they had to wait until the next day to take him to a vet. Turns out he had dog lice which is rare and only prevalent on a weak and sick dog usually.
   It turns out this poor dog actually had an owner! He lived in an area known to have sheep guarding dogs and a woman had found him wandering and kept him. She insisted her kids liked the dog and she wanted him back. The couple convinced her to let them keep the dog as he so obviously was not getting any kind of normal care and nutrition!
    Named Guy, this dog now began to receive the care and attention he had never had in his young life. At around a year old this large dog only weighed 36 lbs! Here he is having a much needed first bath!

A few months later Guy was looking like a different dog. Such an unusual looking dog lead his new owners to search around for what type of dog he might be? Too fine boned to be a great Pyrenees, they found the Akbash dog and realized they had a beautiful Akbash dog!

Gaining weight and settling in, Guy took to the house just fine thank you!

Having such caring people to tend to his every need, was such perfect luck for Guy. He passed away tragically of cancer recently, at a very young age. Though he passed away too soon,  all who knew him took comfort knowing what a wonderful life he came to have!

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Carol Covert said...

Guy was a wonderful and beautiful Akbash! My sister and her husband rescued him and he was really in bad shape, but after a few months he was a very pampered pet! We loved him and miss him dearly.