Monday, August 9, 2010


This beautiful male Akbash dog is currently in the Lewis and Clark Humane Society in Helena, Montana and in need of a home! His last owner took him to the shelter because he was not very good at guarding the poultry!
   He is an amiable fellow and good with people. He is good with other dogs, if properly introduced, (like most Akbash). He ignores the cats at the shelter and is good at the vet and easy to handle. He sounds like a wonderful dog.
   CLICK the read more link below to see a funny ad the shelter put in a Montana paper for Langy...

Pet of the week: Exotic beauty seeks long-term relationship

Pet of the week: Exotic beauty seeks long-term relationship

Dogs aren’t vegetarians, but that didn’t stop Langy from running afoul of his family when he ate a duck. And so, in June, this 5-year-old neutered male was surrendered to the shelter.
Maybe Langy should have eaten a turkey, because he is an akbash, which is breed of dog that originated in the country of Turkey at the eastern end of the Mediterranean. Since the Middle Ages, herders there have been using akbash to work with their sheep.
Langy, though, isn’t really a working dog. He’s a gentle giant who just wants to be a family friend. At 84 pounds, Langy is large, yet he is easygoing and even-tempered. He walks quite well on a leash, with just a slight tendency to pull. He knows many commands and would probably do well with some additional obedience training.
Langy’s needs are pretty basic. He’ll require exercise and would probably like to go hiking, running, or just walking. A large yard would be ideal, and a fence higher than 4 feet should keep him home. He gets along with other dogs when properly introduced, and he pretty much ignores the cats here at the shelter. He would be wonderful with older children who could, literally, stand up to his size, because Langy tends to lean on those he loves, and he is a big boy.
What does Langy offer in return? He’s handsome, smart, eager to please and very affectionate. With the proper yard and fencing, even a relatively inexperienced dog owner could share a great life with Langy.
Come meet Langy and some of his canine pals today, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., outside Starbucks, 608 N. Last Chance Gulch. Other adoptable dogs and cats are waiting for you at the Lewis & Clark Humane Society, 2112 E. Custer Ave., telephone 442-1660.


Azor & Me said...

I checked in on Langy today. A shelter worker called last week to say he is not adapting well to the shelter environment. Although he is a favorite of volunteer dog walkers and many people have looked at him since he was Pet-of-the-Week, he is losing weight.

Langy and I took a walk. He figured out the Name Game really fast, quickly becoming personable. I would turn away from him and say his name invitingly. When he moved around to find my face, he got a bit of lamb jerky. "COOL! I can play this game!!!"

I asked for a brush and tackled some thick white fur. No problems. He even flopped on his side for a belly brush. I plan to bring a shedding comb next week and maybe a coat conditioning spray. He is indeed dull, and all his ribs are starting to show.

The shelter has asked for help getting Langy's story out to potential homes as he is only being rejected because of his size. PLEASE help me do this.

Later, Peggy

Azor & Me said...
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straughie said...

Langy was adopted out from the shelter in Montana, yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news!!!