Monday, April 18, 2011

Three FABULOUS mini Akbash pups in Calif-ADOPTED!


Some ghastly person threw these three winsome girls out of a car, in Northern CALIF! The sisters ended up in a shelter and Akbash Rescue came to their rescue! They are approx five-six month old Akbash mix puppies. I do not think they will grow into full size Akbash dogs. What they are mixed with is a mystery!?!

They look like full grown mini Akbash....hmmmmm is this a new trend in designer dogs? Mini Akbash purse puppies! Oh no!!!

    The three are separately in foster care and await permanent homes.

1. First is sweet "Ankara". Named after the Turkish city, Ankara, is an absolutely lovely girl! She loves everyone in her foster home. The other dogs, the resident female German Shepherd has taken Ankara under her wing. Letting her know she is to come when called! Teaching her the ropes generally. Ankara has met the goats that live there and is quiet and content to be around them. She also loves the resident kitties. She has learned her house manners and potty training.
  This is one all around excellent young lady!

2. Secondly, (below), is miss "Tara". This elegant leggy gal is such a mini Akbash! She swaggers around and waves her curled tail....even alerts to strange noises.

Tara  will rest her chin on your chest and give you quite a greeting, crawling in your lap!

3. Below is little "Dara". She is the smallest of the bunch weighing just 37 lbs now.

 Dara is so sweet you would just want to hug her little self and kiss her soft little head!!!

Any puppy trouble they cause will soon leave your mind as you stare into these brown eyes and little white eyelashes!

            If you wish to inquire about any of the fabulous mini Akbash please contact Akbash Rescue Coordinator Janet Davis at 510 410-0149 or e-mail


Carla Lillion said...

Have these pups been adopted? Where exactly in California are they?

straughie said...

The pups are being fostered in separate locations around northern CA and all are still available for adoption.

Anyone interested should e-mail me directly at
or call my cell 510 410-0149
Janet Davis
Akbash Rescue Coordinator-US