Thursday, January 12, 2012



Hope is a gorgeous young (one year old) female Akbash dog. Both her parents are registered Akbash dogs. She was improperly placed by her breeder and ended up in rescue. Hope is in need of a permanent home. 
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Yes Hope is beautiful but she also displays the strong guard instinct of the breed and will be placed with someone that understands the breed characteristics. Like most Livestock Guardian Dogs she will be opposite sex paired. She gets along great and is playful with the male Akbash in her foster home, but not the female Akbash. Secure fencing is also a requirement. 
Everything Hope's breeder and original owner failed to do in terms of vet care has been done for her by Akbash Rescue. Hope has been spayed, given all her shots, Dewormed, heartworm tested, is on heartworm, flea and tick preventatives, and microchipped. 

This girl has a soft side and would love to find a fantastic home where she has room to run, play and patrol, and a patient kind owner. Hope will do best in a quiet rural setting. 


Tom Smith said...

We are looking for a guard dog for our chickens, rabbits and children. Hope looks so sweet. What is your process for adoption?

KLarsen said...

Has Hope been adopted? My Fiance and I live in Woodland Ca and are looking to add another Akbash to our family. We are looking for a young female as we already have one male Akbash.

JD said...

Texas, still looking for an Akbash or like to adopt near me. SE Texas. Large grassy shaded yard, large home, dogs, chickens & cats all aloud, even on my bed :-) If that's where they want to be!

JayDee Wilkins