Monday, January 9, 2012


 Otis relaxes in his foster home. Finding places for this long tall and lean fellow to get comfy was a challenge!

Here he is trying to use a normal dog bed! 

He seems to have figured it out now. Curl up tight within the borders.

Or hanging some feet and tail over the edge works for the most part too!

Otis is still a very large pup after all so enjoys his new toy

                                                  Also enjoys the new Colorado snow....

Otis is a young, one year old male Akbash/Anatolian Shepherd. This Turkish fellow is a very nice guy! He is dog and people friendly and is even learning the resident cat in his foster home is the boss!

He was rescued from a shelter and awaits a forever home. He came through his shelter stay, neuter and vet hospital stay with flying colors. He just needs to gain a bit of weight and this playful fellow is ready for a new home.

Otis quickly made friends with the kitty in his foster home! This big fellow is so sweet he just wants to be pals with everyone!

Otis is on the left hand side....

Otis hangs with the resident nice of them to welcome a foster pal!

Here is Otis with the resident Goldens (after a summer shave)!

If you are interested in Otis please contact Akbash Rescue Coordinator Janet Davis by e-mail at or call 510 523-6161 (Calif time)

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Tiraislin Fold said...

My Primary Anatolian LGD has died & I'm seeking another.

The farm is 722 acres, in Ontario, west of Ottawa, north of Kingston.

There are sheep. goats, fowl, Yaks, Highland Cattle, horses & a donkey.

There are bear, wolves & foxes which she successfully kept at bay.

Please contact me if & when you have an Akbash, Anatolian, Kangal LG dog who would be happy here.


Rosemary Kralik 613 268-9999