Friday, August 12, 2011

Toby in his new home!

 Toby travelled to Colorado for a fantastic foster home. Thank you to Justin and family for fostering this young fellow!

Toby takes a nap in the back of the car after a long transport from Texas. He is finally on his was to foster care.

Toby meets the resident two male dogs. Experienced foster Justin negotiates the introduction and sharing of living space between the three, with patience and it pays off. Just a couple squabbles here and there and the two furry canine residents accept the new pal.

Justin provides the crucial step of foster while a forever home is searched for. Right from a shelter to boarding meant I did not know much about Toby! Justin house trained him, took him hiking, to the dog park, even cat tested him for his eventual adopter. Thank you Justin, you were a truly wonderful foster for this down on his luck Texan!!!
 Here are the three pals at Halloween, Toby learned what that is all about in Justin's active neighborhood.

Toby enjoys the first snow of the season! Justin said Toby loved the snow and just wanted to stay out in it! After the long summer in boarding in the 107 degree Texas hot spell this summer, I bet he loved it!

Meanwhile Toby's listing for adoption caught the eye of a Colorado couple looking for a new dog!

They went to meet Toby, and adopted him!
Toby now lives on acreage with a lovely view of the Colorado mountains!
Here he is breaking in his new bed! What a great way to make the new dog feel welcome and let them know they are home...Toby obviously agrees!

Toby recently got to go on the Thanksgiving holiday trip. Looks like a happy ending to the Toby story!

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HammyHere said...

Miss him so much! Glad that he got a forever home:-) -Justin