Monday, February 18, 2013

Marley needs a home of her own! ADOPTED!!!

    My name is Marley and I need a home. Read my story to find out why I am homeless! It follows along the same lines as so many dogs.
    A couple years ago (I am a two year old gal), a family from Texas got me as a pup. There are lots of Livestock Guardian dogs in Texas so people often bring us cute white pups home to their families. Unfortunately the family that took me was like so many, they like you as a pup but are not in it for the long haul! I slept in the bed every night with my best pal, a little eight year old girl!
    The family moved to North Carolina and brought me along. However, shortly thereafter life got difficult for them and more difficult for me! They put me in a very high kill shelter where I promptly got kennel cough and was about to be euthanized!

   Someone sent this pretty picture of me at the shelter to Janet Davis of Akbash Dog Rescue. She decided I was just too lovely and must be saved! I went to stay with a very nice lady in North Carolina that has a boarding kennel and helps rescues by taking foster dogs for a reasonable rate until they find homes. All the foster dogs get to play together and get lots of love and good food.
   Very quickly another family decided I was right for them. They had two small children and acreage in the country. They promised they had had a wolf hybrid and could deal with any behavior issues an Akbash dog might present. Seemed like a great match and they drove to meet me and I jumped right in that car and rode home with my new family!!!

  Wow a new kid even, all my own! I so love kids!
   However once again my family decided they did not want me! Or the adults in the home did (not the kids I am sure)!

    You see I am an Akbash dog, which means I am a serious girl. Here I am trying to keep the family safe! If I hear a noise I will bark and attempt to protect the home and family. I take that responsibility seriously.
     If that bothers you , I can be (with patience), trained to relax and go "off duty". I was crate trained also and would not have been too much for a more experienced dog handler. Turns out my family was not very experienced at all with dogs and that combined with two small kids....well you know the story. If someone wants to lighten the load the easiest thing is to get rid of the dog!
    A very nice man that is a previous adopter of two Akbash rescue dogs, came to get me and took me back to foster care boarding with the nice lady I stayed with after the shelter. At least I know where I am now!
    I mind my manners very well with all the other dogs. Since I am an Akbash dog once I settle in I will be the dominant dog so please do not pair me with a bossy female dog. I would do best with a male dog and submissive dogs. However, I have been with dozens and dozens of dogs so really what I need is an owner that has some dog skills and all will be fine!


I have matured into a beautiful girl. I am a country girl having always lived in rural areas, so don't think I'd like the city. All that noise would stimulate me too much. I would just love a quiet country home...

If I look a little sad, I am! Want a FOREVER home this time, so please only inquire about me if you are devoted dedicated dog owners!!!
  Thank you!

click here for adoption details

     Contact Janet Davis at
    or call 510 523-6161 (Pacific time)
Marley is spayed, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.

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