Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Akbash Rescue Adoption Application

Click here for the adoption application. Please print this page from your computer and fill out.

 Copy and paste the following application into an e-mail or word document and e-mail

Or call me for a mailing address at 510 410-0149

An Akbash Dog can only be placed with a person or family who has submitted this application.
Return completed application to Janet Davis  e-mail phone (510) 523-6161

Name________________________________________________    Date___________________
Spouse ______________________________________________________________________
Address    ____________________________________City _____________St______Zip_________
Telephone    ___________________________    Email    ______________________________
Why do you want an Akbash Dog?    __________________________________________
Who are the occupants of your household?  ______________________________________
If there are children, what are their ages?  ______________________________________
Are there other animals? If yes please list with sex and age ______________________
______________________________________________________________________________Are you looking for a working Livestock guardian or a Companion Dog?  ______________________________________________________________________________
Does everyone in your household want an Akbash Dog?__________________________
Who will be responsible for the care of the dog?__________________________________  
Is any member of the household allergic to dog hair? _____________________________
Do you own your home or do you rent? __________________________________________
Do you have a 6 foot fenced yard?    __________________________________________  
What kind of livestock will the working dog protect? _____________________________
How large are your pastures and how are they fenced?___________________________
Is your lifestyle such that friends, relatives, and children, will have access to your home and property without your supervision? _____________________________________________________________________________
Can you afford the costs of owning this large breed, including possible future veterinary expenses, as needed_________________________________________________
Do you plan to walk this dog on a leash? ________________________________________  
Will this dog be allowed in the house?  ____  If so, how often?  ____________________
Do you have a Dog/Pet Door for entry to your house?  ____________________________
Will this dog have shelter from the elements if left outside during the day?_________________________________________________________________________
What type of shelter for hot summers and cold winters?  _________________________
Is someone home all day?    (who)    ______________________________________________
Under what circumstances will the dog accompany you away from home?__________
Who will take care of the dog when you are away for extended times?______________
Have you had a dog before? _________________ what breed _______________________
Have you obedience trained a dog before ________________________________________
What methods did you use ____________________________________________________
What happened to your last dog?  ______________________________________________
What are your preferences: puppy or adult / male or female?    _____________________
Are you willing to accept a dog that may need some retraining____________________
Who is your current Veterinarian?(name, address, telephone)    __________________
Will you accept a dog which needs medical attention?    ___________________________
Will you accept a dog which has potential health problems?    ______________________
Akbash Dogs can live 10 to 12 years and longer, are you committed to love and care for them that long?    _____________________________________________________
Are you aware that all Akbash Dogs shed hair and that some dig holes to provide a suitable napping location, and that most Akbash Dogs bark to protect "their territory"?    ___________________________________________________________________

Would you be willing to allow us to do a home check?  ____________________________
How did you learn of the ADI, Rescue Program?    ______________________________
Akbash Dogs International Rescue Programs main purpose is to find loving, lifetime homes for the Akbash Dog it places with new families.  We urge you to seek information about the breed from our website made up of owners, fanciers and breeders.  We are here to help anyone with questions or those interested in becoming Akbash Dog owners.

Akbash Dogs International reserves the right to decide based on the information provided within this application whether an applicant meets its basic requirements for Akbash Dog ownership.  A dog will be placed in a household that is in the best interest of the dog.
Akbash Dogs International is under no Liability once you accept a dog for adoption
Akbash Dogs International neuters or spays all placements.
ADI wishes to be notified if the dog needs to be rehomed for any reason.

All adults in your household must sign the adoption application.

__________________________________________    ___________________________________________

__________________________________________    ___________________________________________

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