Sunday, January 10, 2010


Casper is a one and a half year old male Akbash in Georgia. He is in need of a permanent home. Casper has been with goats as a livestock guardian dog.
                                   Casper is a friendly guy and is currently in foster care. He prefers to be out in the country and finds the city too busy and noisy. He is used to the countryside.
Casper can afford to put on some weight. He is a long and lean Akbash dog. He captured the attention of a couple in a nearby state that decided to drive to meet him. His "Akbash charm" won them over quickly and they took him home the following morning. the first e-mail I got from them was titled "The Akbash of our dreams"! Guess things are going well I thought!!!

He certainly seems to be enjoying his new life in the country....what more could an akbash want, a peaceful nap after a romp in the mud! This is a happy dog!

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