Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bonjo in foster-pictures pictures!!!


Bonjo is being fostered by a very experienced foster person that also takes fantastic pictures of her foster dogs! Bonjo enjoys the company of the resident Akbash dog Cheney and the other foster dogs.

Both one year old males, Bonjo and Cheney have become pals!

What is the cute little gremlin in the corner with Bonjo you may ask!?! Meet Armani! Armani is one of a whole brood of Malti-poo's (Maltese Poodle crosses). Bonjo's foster took them in after they were spotted being handed away free at a flea market.
   Totally unsocialized and a completely wild bunch she has had her hands full potty training and trying to get them used to being handled. The resident Akbash dogs are slightly annoyed but Bonjo is very patient and tolerant as they zoom around, the little uncivilized bunch!
    Maltipoo's are  one of the "designer dogs", or Poodle crosses being puppy milled in many southern states. Sold in pet stores with names such as "maltipoo" (maltese poodle mix) "Cavapoo" (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Poodle mix), "cockapoo" (Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix).

  "Odd little fella" Bonjo seems to be thinking!

  "Ugh, he's trying to kiss me" Bonjo says to Cheney!

"Me too" Cheney says to Bonjo...."will someone pulease adopt him!

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