Wednesday, April 20, 2011

David and Goliath-Wyoming-ADOPTED!

        These two boys ended up in a shelter together. Working sheep guarding dogs they went off wandering together. They ended up getting trapped in a cemetery and were starving. The police were called. No form of ID and no microchip, meant they passed their stray hold and were soon property of the shelter. The shelter took great care of them until foster could be found! Akbash Rescue took them into the program and now look at them!
  See below the boys in their fantastic foster home!

Here are the boys with the foster moms grandchildren!

This magnificent pair is learning the property line and have excellent leash manners!

David and Goliath have great temperaments! They are dog friendly, good with horses and sheep, like the kitty and of course love the kids!

Goliath takes a pensive pose!

What a big gorgeous fellow Goliath is!

  Below is sweet David, look at his beautiful smile!

   If you are interested in adopting David and Goliath or the pair, contact Akbash Rescue Coordinator Janet Davis 510 410-0149 or e-mail

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