Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hi my name is Toby! I am feeling rather blue in these pics! I was found wandering in TX and impounded in a very high kill shelter. My days were numbered as that crazy awful place will not allow any help for dogs like me. The sheriff that runs the place just does not care! He won't  let the nice volunteers take pictures and send them to rescue groups to get help for us! They sneak and do it anyway though, so a nice kind soul sent my picture to the Akbash rescue lady and she decided to help me...yeah!

However, she has not much help, and tries to follow us Akbash dogs all over the country and save us any way she can! For me that meant over a month in a boarding kennel in 107 degree TX heat..ugh. They were very nice to me though and I got to do group play with the other dogs and I was safe. No nasty TX sheriff was going to put an end to me...hee hee, I made it!

The Akbash rescue lady got so desperate (after gigantic boarding bills), she contacted some professional photographers in Dallas TX to take pity on her and me, and take some great photos of me! Things happen for a dog like me, down on his luck, when great pics like these are taken! Thank Dog Photography in Dallas TX graciously offered to help us out, and go to the kennel to photograph me! She loves big dogs and that is good because I was so lonely for attention I crawled in her lap!

wow I look beautiful!  I was much happier (see below) once I knew the world would see me so I had a chance of finding a new home! In fact I got on a rescue dog transport to Colo and I hear I will go into foster care soon....while the Akbash rescue lady finds me a home. 
I am a sweet fellow and had my first trip to a pet store in Denver today! Another nice rescue lady with MT Dog Rescue in Colorado picked me up from the transport and took me to my first outing in a pet store. Wow that place was great, nice dogs to say hi to and lots of treats. I figured out quickly all I had to do was look at people and wag my big ole tail and people would just hand me nice things to eat! They say I am too skinny but that will change now that I will have good care! 

If you are interested in sweet Toby contact the Akbash Rescue Coordinator Janet Davis at 510 410-0149 (Calif time), or e-mail her at

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