Sunday, January 15, 2012

Biggs - ADOPTED!

Here is Biggs in a Texas shelter. Biggs is the typical Akbash dog that ends up in rescue. A young unneutered male that is wandering with no form of ID. Most likely from a ranch or farm. It is very hard to keep a young unneutered male from wandering. They usually remain unclaimed and then are often in danger of euthanasia in the nations overcrowded high kill shelters, especially in Texas!

Akbash Rescue busted out Biggs and he is in boarding awaiting foster care! He is having his health care tended to. Full set of shots, neuter, heartworm test (he is negative), getting on heartworm preventative. Ear cleaning and ointment, flea and tick prevention, microchipping...the works!
What does Biggs have to say about that.... "Yes it is expensive to take care of my neglected condition, but I am soooo grateful Akbash Rescue!" All reports are that Biggs is a devoted and patient and compliant fellow. He is in urgent need of foster care while he awaits a new home!

If you can foster Biggs please contact Akbash Rescue person Janet Davis e-mail or phone 510 523-6161

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