Saturday, April 5, 2014


This entire litter of purebred Akbash pups ended up in rescue! This is not an uncommon occurrence unfortunately. Rescue often gets entire litters of pups! People often think it will be easy and a quick money maker to have a litter of pups and sell them, however this is not true. If one is interested at all in proper care of the pups and proper placement! Veterinary care for the mother dog and pups is quite expensive and properly advertising and screening homes for pups is a very expensive and time consuming proposition. These pups did not have decent living conditions and ended up in the house. Soon as they grew they became to much to manage and ended up in rescue. Much public donation money has been spent to get them all the health care they needed and now they are all healthy and vaccinated and spayed and neutered. 

Amir is in foster with a very experienced working dog owner and he is available for adoption through Akbash Dog Rescue. He is six months old and neutered and up to date on shots. He has a very nice temperament and is getting acquainted with the resident livestock. 

To inquire about adoption contact Janet Davis e-mail
click the "READ MORE" link below for more information on adopting Amir:
For information on adopting Amir contact the National Director of Akbash Dog Rescue Inc, Janet Davis or phone 510 523-6161

Adoption application, reference checks, home check, adoption fee required.

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