Thursday, August 20, 2015



     This gorgeous one and a half year old male Akbash dog is residing in Oregon. He needs a foster or adoptive home soon! His current owners found him listed on Craig's list as a puppy and thought he was a labrador! Bo is no Labrador!

     Bo is a typical young Akbash dog, very protective of the family and territorial. He is on six acres in the country but is too protective for the family. They wanted an easy going dog like a lab and were unprepared for the territorial nature of the Akbash dog.

    Bo is well mannered at the boarding kennel and a big favorite with all the employes. He is a large powerful dog and needs some acreage with a dog owner familiar with the unique characteristics of livestock guardian dogs, or willing to learn. He needs a well fenced acreage.

   Bo has never been around livestock, he is great with the immediate family. He has a number of dog friends too!

What a magnificent fellow!

silly fellow playing with a nerd dart!

  If you are interested in fostering Bo or providing him with a forever home please contact Akbash Dog Rescue, inc Director Janet Davis at e-mail or phone 510 523-6161

  Bo is neutered up to date on shots and is well cared for and healthy!

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Kusiwarmi said...

If he were older, I'd think he was Hope's brother. He does have her head and expressions.