Sunday, November 29, 2009


One day I got and e-mail from Great Pyrenees rescue about a possible Akbash dog at the Fremont, CA shelter
There  was no picture and I thought it would be an unusual place for an Akbash dog to be. Not knowing what to expect I was surprised to find this handsome young male Akbash.

He had been brought in as a stray by animal control, found wandering around Union city. I spent some time with him in the exercise yard that first day. A couple of the people that worked and volunteered there told me they had named him Rocky, and that he was a good-natured mellow guy that mostly slept quietly in his kennel run.
   I tried to figure out what I would do with this big guy and figured I might have my first foster!
After a couple visits I was told I had to get him out quickly or he would be euthanized! Even though he had passed all the shelter's temperament tests he was number one on the list if a kennel was needed for a stray dog coming in. Five cities were currently putting dogs in this shelter and there was no room to keep a dog, even one that was healthy and friendly. He was passed up, due to his size, by a local adoption center that had come through to get dogs that they thought they could adopt out. That left me as his only option. The afternoon I went to get him, I walked up to his kennel run. He was laying patiently, having not yet been taken out that day. When I called "Rocky" he looked at me and tentatively stood up and wagged his tail a bit and took a step toward the door. I told him he was coming with me and getting out of there! As I sat with him in the office, filling out paperwork, he stood in my lap. He had his front legs in my lap and was sort of hanging on. Another woman in the waiting room observed "he is not letting you go"!

First things first.....time to get neutered! Wow did that help with a few ummm behavior issues!

That taken care of he could start getting used to this new place.

Once home Tash, his new name, began to stretch out and sleep upside down...a pose he was frequently in, hoping to get a tummy rub!

Tash took to the couch and well seemed so comfortable  he has stayed and stayed...guess I have a new dog!


Six months later Tash still enjoys his various sleeping poses! This is one dog that knows how to relax...

Waking up from his nap he often sucks on a leg or a foot...awwww!



Unknown said...

What do you feed that beast? I bet he eats more than you do

mathurx said...

what a beautiful and happy looking dog !!! must have a real caring dad who takes care of all his wishes...