Saturday, November 28, 2009


Titus and his two siblings were taken in by a rescue group in Utah after being abandoned on a hill by someone that did not want them. Here he is looking rather sad in his kennel run!
  I had been helping a woman in Wyoming try to determine if her first Akbash dog should be a pup or an older dog. She had just lost out on getting a two year old female from a shelter in Utah and was feeling disappointed when I let her know about the three pups that were available. After a few discussions it was decided Titus would be going to Wyoming to live with her.
                     she soon sent me these great pictures of Titus and his new goat pal Pebbles. Titus was busy getting acquainted with the variety of animals and they with him!
          Like all puppies Titus got into a bit of mischief including stealing beets that were meant to be left drying in the sun!                                                  
 Good thing for Titus he is such a handsome pup and hard to stay mad at.....

    Titus is growing up fast, here he is with his border collie buddy and a new Maremma...                 



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