Saturday, November 28, 2009


This is Meg, Meg went from a shelter in Wyoming to her new life on a ranch with her goats.
  I got an e-mail one morning, from someone with Great Pyrenees rescue, with this picture.  Meg had been on the run for awhile, in Wyoming, with a male dog that would not let anyone near her.  When her male companion disappeared Meg was caught and taken to a small shelter in Wyoming. The shelter had no access to Petfinder or the other websites to list a dog and needed help from a rescue group. It just happened that I was in the process of getting a rescue Akbash for a rancher in Wyoming. She had never had an Akbash but had friends that had let her know about them. I looked at the location of Meg and realized excitedly that she was within an hour of the person I was trying to help get an Akbash!  
  She went to get Meg from the shelter and took her for an initial walk around the ranch. Meg growled a bit at the livestock at first. We really had no idea what background Meg had come form. We talked a bit and discussed how it would be necessary to start Meg out as if she was a puppy. Doing obedience work on leash and taking her around while chores were done, introducing her slowly to the various inhabitants of the ranch. In order to keep the other animals safe during this time it was decided Meg would stay in a secure barn. However, it soon became clear Meg was quite athletic, able to jump a six foot fence from a sitting position. It even appeared Meg may have jumped over a fence and pulled a scrapple tag from the ear of a baby ewe lamb. Perhaps some play chase behavior we suspected. A few days later Meg's owner discovered the scrapple tag caught on a wire near the line feeder. It became clear the lamb had caught her own ear and ripped out the scrapple tag trying to get free.
   Bringing home a new dog  can be stressful. Getting through that initial period and being patient can lead to a rewarding relationship eventually. Meg has bonded with the goats as well as the resident dogs and humans! She has become a beloved ranch member and found her place...                                     


Danielle said...
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Danielle said...

I was just wondering when and where
this dog was found? I have had a great pyranees go missing bout those same dates. she was 7 months when she disapered from our back yard.

straughie said...

This is not a Great PYRENEES

Check out the date, your dog was not even alive then.

People need to microchip their dogs and keep ID on them and properly contain them, not check rescue sites two years later looking at dogs that do not even resemble the missing dog!?!