Friday, October 16, 2009

Buddy in Texas

Here is a big Akbash Pyrenees cross in Texas. His owner "Ole Joe" passed away leaving him alone...
Word got around and people in this small Texas town made sure "Ole Joe's" big white dog Buddy still got fed! He roamed the town and was looked out for.
  He started to hang around one house in particular. The owner had two female border collies that Buddy really liked.

   She was concerned though and contacted a rescue group that was about 60 miles away. A group member drove down to see how to help. The two women began to get the word out to try and find a home for Buddy.

Someone decided to adopt this handsome guy so five people got ready to load him on a truck and put him in a travelling crate. He had other ideas and refused to be loaded up and escaped. However he did not go far! Just back to the house he has picked. The woman that lives there has to cross town daily to care for her parents. Buddy follows her car on foot and waits all day in the front yard for her and then heads back across town to her other house and the Border collies....all four go on walks together.
   She would like to find Buddy a permanent home but it seems this independent intelligent fellow has decided a few things for himself!

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