Thursday, October 15, 2009

George , Nala and Smiley

  George was found wandering down a highway in Colorado suffering from gunshot wounds. A professional photographer on assignment in Colorado found him and took him to a vet. They told her in a matter of fact way "happens all the time". In some areas, people will  shoot a wandering big dog. George was fixed up and taken to a small shelter while a rescue group was found to take him. I was trying to find someone when the Colorado group Big Dogs Huge Paws took him. Last I heard George was doing great in his foster home.
   Nala was given up by her owners in Montana for "making brown spots" on the lawn on their huge ranch. Nala had a fabulous personality and those that knew her claimed she had never done anything wrong. Her owners had her at the vet for a minor skin problem on her nose and decided they did not want her back. They left the local humane society  to worry about her and did not give any money when asked. Claiming they "had spent enough money on her with shots and grooming".
   Nala was returned from her first adopter because she did not have enough energy for their active lifestyle, their other dog was a lab. Nala eventually found a new home and is hopefully being appreciated and cared for.
   Smiley is an eight year old Pyr/Akbash cross. His owner wants to rehome him because he has never really wanted to stay with the livestock. He escapes and goes to a nearby river when he is hot. He sometimes goes and waits by someone's back door or will lay in a driveway. He craves attention and we planned to retire him to a companion home. However, after a long listing on Petfinder by myself and then Great Pyrenees rescue, Smiley has not generated any interest. He is still with his owner.

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