Sunday, October 25, 2009


Willie was in the pound and 50 pounds underweight. When shelter workers tried to get him up he would not walk leading them to think he must have hip problems and might not be able to be adopted!
      When a vet came to examine Wille it was determined his hips were fine he just was afraid to walk on the concrete!
   Foster was found for Willie and the former vet tech brought Willie back to health, mentally and physically. He was too scared to go in the garage or house. Once he went in he loved it. Turns out he loved children, adults, cats and other dogs. He was enjoying life for the first time for sure! His foster mom taught him to walk on a leash and trust people. She also gave him a lot of good things to eat and he gained 30 pounds!
Willie's fabulous foster mom had him for almost three months. One day his new forever family came to get him. Willie went to live in Colorado with his new Dad, a veterinarian. His confidence restored, Willie was ready for his very own family and his new life!
 Of course for his devoted foster mom, it was bittersweet! Willie left part of himself with his foster mom and she with him.

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