Saturday, May 29, 2010

Marlow- ADOPTED!!!

This magnificent young male Akbash dog named Marlow is in need of a wonderful permanent home. Read Marlow's story by clicking the read more link below.

Marlow's owner got him as a puppy to live with their livestock. However, they did not have a fenced property. This is a common mistake people make thinking they can just get a Livestock Guardian Breed such as an Akbash and just put them with the farm animals and they will stay put. Most Livestock Guardian breeds will wander if given a chance. There is a joke about the Great Pyrenees I recently heard from a Kentucky shelter worker dismayed by the number of working Pyrenees they get it. It goes like this... "if you don't have fences, your Pyrenees will become a disaPyrenees"! This applies to Akbash dogs as well. They can have a long adolescence in which much training needs to occur in order for them to understand their job and place. Marlow's owner would not get fencing or put in the time to work with him and instead just put him on a heavy 10 foot long chain!

Marlow was given an old freezer for shelter and did not get off his chain for the entire year from age one to age two! His owner passed away eventually and the spouse decided to give Marlow away. A neighbor became involved and after hearing he had not been off his chain for so long decided to unchain Marlow and take him home.......she said Marlow never looked back as he walked the half mile to her house.

Once safe in a horse stall at her house he laid down and slept for three days.......

Marlow is one of the largest Akbash dogs one could find and here he is coming out of the barn looking a bit like a horse headed out to pasture!
   Marlow soon headed off to Foster via volunteer rescue transport

Everyone along the transport route fell in love with Marlow! At first hesitant having never ridden much in a car he soon figured out what was expected of him and began to hop into each new car. His transport included many car changes.

In his new foster home Marlow gets to stretch his legs and move about. His foster mom Dawn notices at first he halts after walking a few steps as if waiting for a chain to catch him up short and stop his movement.

Marlow and Dawn's rescued Akbash dog Nae Nae seem to be really wanting to play together...spending time running back and forth along the fence line. Eventually she lets Marlow in and the two communicate perfectly in their natural dog language with Nae giving all the correct "lets be friends" signals to the big handsome new dog.

Here are Koi and Nae Nae (Dawn's two rescued Akbash dogs) in with Marlow, and the Alpaca looking on.
Marlow travelled to another foster home where he continued to display his charming personality. Marlow has not met anyone he did not like yet!

Marlow had a series of baths which revealed what we new that underneath the accumulated dust of the past couple years there was a gorgeous white dog!!!

This magnificent dog deserves the very best of homes. Marlow is currently for adoption!


Marlow has been adopted.....below are some recent pictures of him in his new wonderful life!


Unknown said...

Best dog you will find. I had him for only 8 days, and fell in love with him! If I had the fencing to keep him, he wouldn't be on this site! Marlow is something else. Please don't adopt Marlow if you aren't planning on keeping him because he is looking for a "home", not a place to live for a short period of time. Marlow has a lot of love to give.

Hamid said...

Very sad story, I hope he finds a fantastic home!

Anonymous said...

can we have him??? we live in upstate NY...huge fenced yard. and alot of love to give....

carol said...

I sent you an email w my email address! thanks.......

Unknown said...

Hi there~ We live in Montana and raise sheep on 21 acres, already have a Akbash/Anatolian X bitch and would LOVE to check out this guy! Please let me know if Montana is too far to go for Marlow.

straughie said...

Hi Mandi,
yes Marlow is too far away. He is going to be placed in more of a companion dog situation as well.
there is a young male that is in foster in Montana that we believe was a working Akbash dog. He will be listed here soon. He would do well with a female such as you have.
Send me an e-mail to and I will send you his Petfinder listing. He is Mason in the Akbash section on
thanks! Janet

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful dog! where is he from?