Monday, May 17, 2010


After Bear's fabulous foster home he has been adopted! Here he is climbing onto the lap of his new Pal and adopter! I drove him to his new home and after a walk with the resident dog we went inside to sit and talk. MR Bear made us all laugh by becoming a giant lapdog....proving he is as smart as we all think he is!
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MR Bear gets a final weigh in before leaving his foster home for his travel to his new home! He gained a much needed twenty pounds in foster care!
  Tears were shed all around as Bear left that day. Brilliant, fascinating and funny, MR Bear is a magnetic  creature. His foster family cannot be thanked enough...making his transition from emaciated and filthy in a depressing dead end shelter... to his wonderful new life possible!

Here is Bear and my Tash. Bear spent one night at my house before I drove him to his new home.

Bear is a big fellow and Tash says hi nicely and wants to be on his good side!

Tails are wagging! I take my time when introducing two new dogs. Especially two big male Akbash dogs! On neutral territory both dogs on leash and under control. I allow no physical contact at first. Both dogs have elevated levels of adrenal hormones upon seeing another dog. I walk both dogs, helps to have two people. Allowing them to be near each other but not have contact, walking side by side with at least a ten foot distance between. Eventually, after about ten minutes, the adrenal level goes down. Both dogs know the situation is under control, and there is no reason for the fight or flight adrenal response.
   When both dogs are calm and enjoying the walk and smells, other than each other, you can move the dogs closer and eventually allow some gentle sniffing. Both Bear and Tash were polite and showed no desire to bombard or crowd the other with invasive gestures. If either dog begins to show too much interest and one is becoming uncomfortable back off and go back to walking...even having one dog switch directions, walk the dogs in opposite directions and then back together. Do not allow the physical contact until both dogs are acting calm and respectful of each others personal space.

Here is Bear all tucked in for the night! Had to get a good nights sleep in preparation for his big day the following day!

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Wanderlust said...

So very happy to see Bear in a new home. He is a gorgeous dog and deserves all he has been given from all who participated in his rehoming.