Sunday, May 16, 2010


An urgent message went out for someone to help this big guy in a tiny town in Texas!
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Bob is the animal control officer and the only game in town for the animals in this small rural town in Texas. When he showed up in town there were no rules and no leashes and no shots etc.....he imposed some order and standards of care. He told me he drives around to check on all the animals to make sure they are not chained too long and are being cared for. Whoever neglects their dog around this town has to answer to Bob.
  When he finds dogs on the run he brings them in but has very little resources to help them. He gets on the internet and tries to help get the dogs into rescue groups and adoption centers elsewhere.
   He told me of a Great Dane he found that was so emaciated and thirsty he was afraid she would get sick eating and drinking too much. When he tried to take her water and food away she bit him hard twice! No unfair temperament tester is Bob, an animal advocate,he knew the poor girl was starving. He got her into Great Dane rescue and her foster mom ended up keeping her, she turned out to be one of the best dogs she had ever had!
     Bob asked for help with this Big White dog who he was calling Teddy Bear for his huggable demeanor. Nothing bothered Teddy, and he was as calm and easy going as they come.
   First I got Teddy an appointment at a local vet. Unfortunately he tested positive for heartworm, not unusual in the south. The vet donated his exam, shots and heartworm test! Many in town know and appreciates how hard Bob works for the animals.
   I found an adoption center to take him and and arranged volunteer transport with a Texas transport veteran.

Here is Teddy enjoying his car ride.
   The adoption center was full, so I needed to board Teddy for awhile. There just happened to be a rescue friendly kennel near the adoption center and they had a "room available".

Teddy made friends on his transport and here he is getting a welcome hug upon arrival at the boarding facility.

 Here is Teddy in his suite, he made a lot of friends while here. Good news came recently that Teddy has been adopted! Yeah!

Here is Teddy in his new home with new best pal Allie!!!

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