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    This Pretty Texas Princess is for adoption! To hear how she got busted out of a nasty old Texas shelter and bathed up pretty, with the help of some guardian angels, click the "read more" link below.

Princess has been adopted! Here she is in her new home making friends with the resident kitty! We knew she had been great with the cats in her foster home so had high hopes they would get along!

Looks like all is well in this new relationship and Princess has even decided to share "guard" duties with her new kitty friend!

Her first home is a mystery but her foster mom thought she may indeed have been someone's Princess......she seemed to take quite naturally to the couch and there was a battle of wills to keep her off.  This is ongoing a bit in her new home. Princess, being the super smart girl she is, has come up with a compromise position!?! Rear end on the couch and front legs on the floor. "Is this okay"? she seems to be saying!

"Is the chair okay"..."look how nicely I fit in it"!

  Princess was adopted by a wonderful dog owner that had not adopted an adult rescue dog before. It can be a worrisome idea to take a new dog one has not met before. This intrepid adopter decided to solve that problem by driving herself from Colorado to Texas to meet Princess in her foster home! The introduction went well and she brought Princess home with her.
  That is one way to solve the issue of transport, with a long distance adoption!

We are thrilled Princess has a wonderful new home and wish her and her new family the best.

   Below is the beginning of the Princess story...

    This young female Akbash showed up in Lubbock at an overcrowded shelter. Thankfully they kept her for long enough for a wonderful local rescue lady to find out about her. She went to visit Princess daily and put the word out for help. Myself and Texas Pyrenees rescue came up with a plan.
     I found a Guardian Angel to sponsor her. Meaning he would contribute the cost of her care, donating to 501c3 (tax deductible) Texas Pyr rescue, and they would foster her and provide spay, shots and whatever else she needed.
      With the plan set I told the local rescue person she could finally go get the girl out and take her to her foster mom!!! Here is what she wrote us later that day...

Hi guys,
Just an up-date on the young lady from LAS!!  I picked her up from LAS yesterday morning for
our road trip to Seminole!!  When I first got there, I went into her run to put on her new collar
and she just stood there licking my hand!!  She knew that something good was about to happen!!
After we walked out of her run, and were walking past all the other barking dogs, she just
walked quietly past all of them with a look on her face that said, "Bye guys, I'm finally out of
here"!!  It was the most amazing sight I have seen in a long time!
After a walk around the parking lot, she finally got into the truck.  I went into the office to get
the final paperwork and looked outside to see what she was doing and here is this beautiful
white dog with her 2 front paws on the dash barking like crazy!!
So, off we went on her new adventure!!  She rode most of the way with her head resting on
my leg, drool and all!!  But, pants dry and it was all worth it to finally be able to get her out
of LAS!!!  I had been working with different groups over the past several weeks to save this
beautiful girl and it finally happened!!!  She is now with Mary Taylor in Odessa who gave her
a much needed bath yesterday afternoon!!  She will be going to the Vet. today for all of her
shots and wellness check!!  Since she is in heat, the spay will have to wait.
Janet Davis, who so generously helped with Dash, has once again offered to help with this girl.
So, to all of you that helped with prayers and good thoughts, thank you!!!  Another one is
safely out of LAS!!!

    I sent this note to Princess's sponsor and he wrote back "Isn't this fun"!!!

Maybe you cannot foster or actively participate in rescue but you can save a dog just from your desk by offering the much needed financial support! Princess's donor did so from California!

What does Princess have to say about all this???

"The couch beats the noisy noisy shelter, I can finally take a much needed nap in peace....thank you thank you everyone!"

   This pretty girl is currently for ADOPTION 

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