Thursday, November 25, 2010

A great rescue story -Menky

This beautiful young Akbash girl looks like life has always been this grand...not so as she was found wandering in the mountains in Wyoming......

To read this great rescue story click the "read more" link below

I got an e-mail one day from someone that had found what they thought was an Akbash dog.

Below is what he first wrote to me....

  "last weekend I found a one year old, wild dog wandering and starving in the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming.
She appears to have had very little to no human contact.

I have decided to at least foster her for the time being, and i hope that with some socialization and training she will turn into a dog that i am able to adopt." 

    He had spent a long time trying to catch the dog, and while many less determined would have given up, he persisted and eventually caught her. Below are the first pictures of her in not the greatest condition.

With a little time and patience and good care, she became a very wonderful and personable companion dog.
   Menky took well to the resident cat. She loves to play with other dogs and appears to love her new life...her owners reported. Wherever she goes she gets many compliments on what a lovely dog she is.
  Proving once again the most amazing dogs can come from the worst circumstances. To find your own dog to save, and watch them flourish under your care is a very special experience...sometimes a once in a lifetime one...

   Looks like these two were in the right place at the right time to meet up.

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