Sunday, November 23, 2014


Boss has gone to his new home on a horse ranch in Nevada! Here he is exercising in the horse ring. What a happy dog smile this is! So nice to see.

There will be many months of learning for Boss and his new person. People often think a dog will just settle in right away in a new environment. Not true! Dogs are unsettled after relocation and much care needs to be taken to get a dog adjusted. They are in an elevated stress state with high levels of adrenaline at first. They do not know what to expect from the new environment.
I work with an adopter or foster, to set up a secure place for a dog that is entirely escape proof. The dog needs to learn the perimeter and they can be a flight risk at first so safety is key. You cannot just turn a new dog loose on a property!

The dog needs time to bond to the new owner and learn the routines and inhabitants in the new location. Setting up a consistent routine for the new dog is very important so the dog feels secure and begins to think of the new place as his or her territory.

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