Thursday, February 5, 2015


MIRA has been adopted to a sheep each and is currently guarding sheep with a male Akbash Pyrenees cross buddy!

Mira is a young, one year, old spayed female Akbash dog. Mira is in foster in Montana and needs an adopter and forever home!

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    Young sweet Mira was one of the pups from a litter listed last year on this site. A Montana breeder got in over his head and a local shelter had to place most of the litter. Mira was adopted as a pup and lived with one owner. She lived on a few acres as a companion dog. He had no fence so she was trained to an underground electric fencing system, successfully. However, Akbash dogs really do need proper fencing.

      Mira's owner took a job in Switzerland, and after contemplating moving her to Zurich, decided she needed to stay stateside! I agree, an Akbash in Zurich!?! Mira needs some quiet acreage and a caring lifelong committed owner.

    If you are interested in this fabulous gal, contact Akbash Dog Rescue National Director Janet Davis at or call 510 523-6161

      Mira is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped!


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Unknown said...

Oh God, she's adorable! I'd take her in a heartbeat if I only could :(