Monday, May 11, 2020


     Piper is a beautiful 17 month old spayed female Great Pyrenees for adoption. Piper has a fabulous temperament! She is friendly and calm with all other dogs, she likes cats and tries to befriend them. Piper is great with children and has never met anyone she does not like. She is a companion dog whose owners are relocating to a climate that does not suit Great Pyrenees. Due to their very thick coat, they are not fond of excessive heat.
     Piper has some basic obedience training and walks on a leash quite well. She does not pull and will sit at corners if asked. She will come when called,  sit, and lay down when asked on leash. Around the house, or off leash, she is a typical Pyrenees and independent minded enough to come only when she feels like it!
     Please read up on the Great Pyrenees breed as they are not a typical desperate to please you type of breed. They do bark!  Piper gets out her youthful energy by enjoying a good dig, and she likes to chew on plants. So if your yard is  pristine, this is not the breed for you!
     The ideal home for a Great Pyrenees is some decent amount of space, at least a couple fenced acres to run.
      The Pyrenees coat is very high maintenance. They do shed all year and need grooming so they do not matt up. Regular grooming is required for this breed.
      If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful girl please contact Akbash Dog Rescue, Inc. Janet Davis 510 523-6161 or e-mail

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