Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Bonded pair of Akbash dogs for adoption (Bucky and Anna)(They are Currently living in California)


  Bucky and Anna are a bonded pair of Akbash dogs currently living in San Jose California as companion dogs. They are nine and ten year old senior dogs. This lovely gentle pair needs a new home. Their owner can no longer care for them due to an injury! These beautiful dogs need a loving home for their final years. The rescue (Akbash Dog Rescue, Inc) will pay their expenses, medical and food costs. 


 Sweet Anna

Sweet Bucky


    This beautiful pair must be adopted together! If interested please contact:

 Janet Davis (Akbash Dog Rescue, INC.)

e-mail is straughie@comcast.net 

Phone number is 510 523-6161 (Pacific time)

Thank you!

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