Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lovely "Lily"-ADOPTED!!!

        This lovely Akbash female needs a home! Her owner has medical issues and can no longer care for her so she is in foster care.
         As a pup she was with sheep until one of them stepped on her and broke her leg. Her first owner took her, with her broken leg, to be euthanized. The vet fixed her up instead and gave her to Anatolian Shepherd rescue! She has had a wonderful home until this latest sad news...
          Lily is six years old and is in Washington state.
Lily is sweet and gentle and friendly. She is with other dogs in her foster home and a cat. She has a big bark and loves to settle in and lay down to observe everything.



Unknown said...

We adopted Lilly about a month ago. She is very mellow and has a great temperament -- but she does have that independent streak of her breed.

The way she manifests it is by planting her feet and refusing to move when she doesn't want to.

Also, she has a great smile. There is no mistaking when she is in a good mood!

Unknown said...

Took home (rescued) a Akbash/Catahoula Leopard mix from a flea infested barn, she had both ring and round worm...so after the 1,000$ puppy start-up kit! She is going to be a great dog! The stubburn part I've already seen, maybe to much for a 5mo. old! Smart as a whip, training will take time...no #2 misstakes in the house from day one, #1's another storey, she wants to be with you so much she forgets! Glad we found her! SoCal "Sage" is her name.

straughie said...

Funny how it is possible to know what kind of mood they are in by the clear facial expressions!

The independent minded livestock guardian breeds like Akbash and Anatolian Shepherds, do passive resistance very well! They are excellent protesters and will lay down and become very heavy and refuse to move! One should never punish or be harsh...you must form a good relationship with them and get their cooperation.
I advise people to work with them on leash on the come command with treats. Say the dogs name and come....that is it. Give a treat and praise for coming.

If they lay down and refuse to move don't take the collar with your hand and attempt to force them to get up. This may Illicit a growl or mouthing your hand. The neck is a place dogs innately protect.
Get a leash and attach to the collar. Stand at the end of the leash and give a slight tug and release with the come command. If you have worked with them, it may take a few tries but they will cooperate without everyone getting angry...
Trust and mutual respect is the foundation of a good relationship with one's independent minded dog....

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Lily had her right leg operation on 2/15/11. The surgeon said that it will be four months before she is 100%.

She is already much better and we take her for 3 short walks per day with the other 2 dogs.

Unknown said...

Straughie -- The passive resistance is overcome with Lily just by giving her a hug -- then she walks on.

This dog has a good nose and will stop occasionally and raise her muzzle to sniff the air. That's when she stops and plants her feet.

They have minds of their own -- but we've had another Akbash for several years and we have got used to thir personalities.

Unknown said...

Hello, we were the family that adopted Lily a few years ago. She recently passed away last week from liver failure.

We just wanted to let you know what sort of life she had. She was a really great dog. When we brought her home she needed to have surgery done on that leg, and had to be put on pain killers for an improvement in her quality of life from then on out.

She spent her days doing what she loved best, lounging outside on a dog bed and protecting the yard. Lily did a wonderful job, and was very attentive. Her best friend was a tiny little cat named Alice, who adored her.

Although Lily was very stoic, she loved being hugged. You could just wrap you arms around that dog and she'd bury her face right up next to you.

Thank you for letting us adopt her. She had a wonderful life, and she brought my parents so much joy! She was a very, very loved friend and we will miss her a lot.