Saturday, October 2, 2010


My name is Gracie and I am a gorgeous girl in Texas waiting for adoption! I was found wandering on the road by a woman that knows Akbash.....she pulled over and made sure I was safe. Imagine what I will look like when I get a bath and grooming....ohh I am going to be soooo gorgeous!!!

    I was adopted out once but when those people went to work and left me all alone in the yard, I got worried and took off. I was missing for two weeks! Now I am safe again and please when you adopt me keep me safe.... as I will take a little time to get adjusted!
 I am quite young at a year and a half or so. Please contact the Akbash rescue lady to see about adopting me....

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Unknown said...

She is so beautiful, later when i am more established, I am going to get a girl like her! My daughter will never be lonely.