Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two Southern boys on the run-FOR ADOPTION (Bonjo and Manny)



These two young, (one year old), cuties were on the run in Arkansas! Leaving their old life behind and sticking together... everyone needs a buddy!

They were impounded in Arkansas and came to the attention of a wonderful Akbash rescue sponsor. He spotted their pictures on the shelter site and we worked out a plan to save them. Due to be euthanized in an overcrowded shelter, we got them saved in the nick of time! Their fantastic sponsor, (who helps us rescue folks save dogs from his desk in California), paid for the shelter to get them neutered and vaccinated. A Heartworm test also, they are both negative!

 The shelter manager helped us out tremendously and arranged emergency foster care with a local rescue person. He wanted to save them so bad he was thinking of taking them home to his house! He had his own dogs and it was too hot to confine them in his garage, so he found emergency foster.

This gave me time to make contact with the fabulous Arkansas Great Pyrenees rescue coordinator and we worked together to get them into temporary boarding while foster was found.

She drove them to a wonderful rescue friendly boarding kennel near Little Rock called Heights Country Kennels. Kennel owner Jennifer is the best!!! She will take a dog in rescue, (many kennels will not), and fuss over them. When they leave Jennifer's, they are better off than when they arrived!

The Pyrenees rescue person asked an old friend if she would take some pictures of the boys. She donated their pictures and Bonjo and Manny were taken to her professional Photography studio called Strain Photography and these fantastic pictures were taken. Jennifer bathed and groomed them for their photo shoot!

See their individual listings titled "BONJO" and "MANNY" for the rest of their pics!

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