Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Bonjo is Manny's buddy. Bonjo, the akbash dog, went to foster in Tenn on a huge transport truck carrying lots of rescue dogs.
The great transport rigs take dogs from the overcrowded southern shelters, up to the north east for adoption.   The rigs stop along particular points much like a bus would. Bonjo was scared, newly split from Manny, he had a long day! However once in Tenn, with his fantastic foster mom, he is doing wonderful. He has been running and playing with her young male Akbash dog and her other foster dogs.

Bonjo is a great young dog, all ready to go to his new forever home! He can be transported many places via rescue transport.

click the "read more" link below to see more pics of Bonjo!

Bonjo did not fit in the chair as well as Manny! He tried hard to figure out what these silly people  were trying to get him to do!!!

  If you can give Bonjo a forever home contact Akbash rescue coordinator Janet Davis 510 410-0149 or e-mail me at straughie@comcast.net


Unknown said...

I am interested in one of your dogs. I live on 200 acres an need a dog to watch a large heard of goats. Are there any of your dogs that have been brought up with a heard of animals and would stay with the herd. I don't want a dog that has been brought up by a family, that is too people friendly. I want the dog to protect the goats.

straughie said...

where do you live? You can e-mail me directly at straughie@comcast.net

Thanks! Janet Davis (Akbash rescue coordinator)