Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Cutter is a very handsome White Anatolian Shepherd dog. Akbash and Anatolians are the Turkish Livestock Guardian dogs.

Cutter was in a shelter in Texas. Rescued from the shelter and fully vetted he now desperately awaits a permanent home or foster!
He is being boarded at a vet hospital and is very lonely. Below is his pal that works at the vet hospital and walks him.
Cutter is very friendly and personable with people and loves to be pet and hugged as you can see!

Contact for Cutter is Janet Davis 510 410-0149 e-mail is straughie@comcast.net
Cutter is in Texas but transport can and will be arranged anywhere for foster or a home.
Please click the "read more" link below for more great pics of Cutter taken by a professional photographer.

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dolffun said...

What a beautiful story. Those photos make such a positive impact. Great job!